Welcome to the new Sirius Observatories website

Sirius Observatories have been amongst the best manufacturers of amateur and professional observatories for more than 3 decades. We pride ourselves on being able to offer superior quality observatories with reliable service.

From the US to the UK, Romania to Russia, Brazil to Bulgaria and even Tibet to Taiwan, you can travel the 4 corners of the world and find nearly 900 Sirius Observatories taking pride of place in remote country towns, beside backyard pools, hotels, naval yards, universities, on the top of mountains, palaces and even NASA.

Apart from our superior quality, a few reasons why customers choose Sirius Observatories and make them so popular are:
  • Superior Fibreglass Construction - designed using yacht building technology
  • Weather Defiant - every join on the dome and wall panels are weatherproof
  • Gelcoat Finish - we only use the best marine grade gel coat
  • Factory Finished and Assembled - our observatories are pre-assembled and made fully functional at our plant prior to shipping to ensure optimum integrity
  • Durable Portability: Dismantle and Reassemble - simply unbolt all of the numbered parts and rebuild at your new location

Sirius Observatories has a worldwide network of agents, so you have the option to talk to someone local. Discuss your new observatory and talk through all of the different options before you buy to make sure your requirements are fulfilled. Distributor list coming soon.